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One (Vibrating) Ring to rule them all

It’s been about three months now that Durex Play Vibrations has been available to the Greek public. It was a hot commodity during the Christmas period. Actually most of the stores had not been supplied with the product on time and even though the ads were everywhere you could not actually purchase it. Since then things have changed and store shelves have been emptied and refilled many times. Let us check though how both the consumers and the store staff have reacted to this product.On the store staff side I picked one of the largest supermarket chains to purchase my rings. I visited one of their stores in the suburbs where the goods were on display right next to the condoms. This actual store is one of those that had the ads on during the Christmas period but the ring itself was not available till the first days of January. Both times I purchased from there I did not get any strange looks from either a store clerk or a cashier. Next in line was one of the biggest cosmetic retailers in Greece. I visited two of their stores since at the first one the rings were completely sold out. At the second store, the goods were again placed in the condom section but on a top shelf essentially invisible to the untrained eye. When I got two packs one of the store clerks was actually staring at me looking both embarrassed and surprised. At the till the fact that there was an effort to avoid eye-contact was more than obvious.


Looking at the consumer side of the thing it has been noticed that the product is selling well. It was sold out during Christmas and at even recently one of the stores of the cosmetic retailers. In addition to that the shelves were almost empty at the supermarket store. The real question here though is: Who actually buys them? Well judging from the scarcity of the product at the cosmetic store where the male/female ratio of customers is somewhere near to 2/8 we can clearly state that women do. On the male side now when I informed people I know about the product, most of them were willing to try it but unwilling to go through the purchasing process. Thus I was asked to buy it for them since they were usually too shy to do so themselves. And that’s why I have purchased so many rings raising my status to an «expert cock ring buyer».

On the actual experience side you have to try it for yourself to know all I can do is quote one of the people I purchased it for: «This thing can go on for 20mins did anybody ask me if I can keep up with it…»

Reporting from Athens, Greece

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